The Stupid Mistake Most Internet Marketers Make Or The Five Biggest Mistakes at Marketing Your Business on the Tnternet
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The Stupid Mistake Most Internet Marketers Make Or The Five Biggest Mistakes

The stupid mistake most internet marketers make or the five biggest mistakes

Instead of showing you how to succeed, here is a list to show you how to fail.

Below are five recipes for the surefire failure of your web site. I will show you how to cure each of these faulty recipes underneath each listing.

Mistake #1: Sell Something You Don't Understand.

This is a definite recipe for Internet failure... You shouldn't be trying to sell something you don't know, understand, and aren't an expert in. In other words, don't sell an Internet marketing product if you haven't made money in Internet marketing.

Don't jump on a business opportunity impartial because someone you know is promoting it. Find something that you love. Then, build a business out of that. If you love books, then find a way to develop a web site and product around that.

If you are always on the golf course, then create a theme out of that. Review golf courses and golf clubs. Give golf videos on your site.

Mistake Recipe #2: Don't Add Your Personality.

Don't try to compete with corporate sites with your little one hundred dollar domain. They have the sizable advertising budget to overthrown their site mistakes, but you don't. You must use your secret weapon…you.

Many people are ashamed to do this, but you absolutely have to encircle a babyish bit of you into your web sites. Your visitors are not looking for fresh corporate site. They are looking for real solutions to their problems, and they want them to come from a real human being.

Include your name on your site. Give your phone number and personal email directions. Tell them facts about why they should listen to you. What experiences or credibility do you have in the employment?

Be interesting to the people who visit you.

Mistake Recipe #3: Ignore Your Traffic Stats.

Where does most of your traffic turn out from? Ask that question of 90 % of the webmasters out there, and they will just give you a blank look. They have no idea where their traffic comes from.

This is a serious mistake and one you will have to correct if you have lot ambitions for your site at all. Virtually every hosting company you could possibly purchase your site from comes with some type of tracking constitution.

Observe your stats to bargain out where your traffic is avenue from. What search engines cook they use to find you? What keywords did they use? Who else is linking to you?

Which pages do they visit first? Which section of your web site do they force to the most nearest they visit the front page? These are the types of questions your traffic stats should correspond to telling you.

Once you have a chance to look at them, upgrade promotion in whatever areas are working. If you notice that you are receipt a lot of hits from a specific search engine, increase your promotion on that engine. If you receive most of your hits through links on other sites, then work more on creating links.

Mistake Recipe #4: Don't Collect Email Addresses.

Sites which only have one shot to sell their visitors are eventually going to fail. You have to create a sales system where you can follow spreading on them again and again.

The best way to do this is to create your own ezine. You could also offer a special series of reports which are sent out to your prospects by email every couple of days or every week.

Think about it this way. If you can't get a prospect to commit to you by giving you their email address, then there are no way you can sell something to that prospect. So, focus on collecting the email address when someone visits your site.

Offer your ezine on every page your of site. Give free ebook bonuses for subscribing. Offer other incentives for subscribing. Build the list and at the identical time make your first product offer to them.

I will venture to say that your actual web site serves two primary purposes. It is there to give you the basic credibility so that they subscribe to your email publication, and it is there to help you take online orders

Mistake Recipe #5: Sell sloppy Products.

If you are out to fail, then sell some shoddy products. It used to be said that if one customer had a bad experience they would tell 10 of their friends about it. At once, with the global efficiency of the Internet, instead of them just telling their friends, they may tell thousands of people about certain.

When you sell a really good product, the news gets around. When you allow a poor product, the news gets around continuous faster.

So, make sure any product you sell is your best work. Figure out a way to add supplementary bonuses to it. Give the customer more than they expected.

Give them faster shipping then they expected. Purchase reprint rights to someone else's trial to throw in as a bonus. Call them up and ask them if they need anything else. Go beyond the call of duty and your epithet will begin to mature well known around the Internet.

Focus on the task at hand. Learn to use your mind... and then success in your business will follow.




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